Case and Complaint Management for IMIS

The latest release of our Case Management module is now available. 

The iMIS20 CASE MANAGEMENT module provides a solution to Membership organisations who need to 
  • manage enquiries and complaints
  • track work by time
  • manage member displinary processes
Cases are raised against clients and tracked through to resolution. At each stage an action is recorded by the Case Worker together with times, details, case files, and costs. 
Times are recorded and metrics gathered to allow workflows and staff workloads to be analysed, systemic trends identified, throughputs to be constantly monitored and contractual requirements such as resoluton times to be to be honoured. 
A full audit trail is maintained for legal discovery purposes.
Time recording is included, with full integration into the iMIS Orders system. Single-click to summarise the case and raise an invoice. 
Dashboard stats provide at-a-glance case overviews to both individual case workers and case management.




The Case Management solution is integrated into the iMIS Staff View and Member Portal. 
It cannot be integrated into the iMIS Desktop, though configuration and installation requires the advanced functionality provided by the iMIS Desktop. 
Being built from RiSE components, it is upgradeable, secure, and can be modified and maintained by any suitably qualified iMIS Support Partner.
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